changing lives of African girl child and bringing hope.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the health of the African woman is affected by a plethora of factors, most of which revolve around lack of adequate health facilities and infrastructure. The African girl child often find themselves at crossroads between cultural norms that work against them and the demand to survive in the patriarchal war torn communities, which then forces these girls to enter a “formal work place” which includes prostitution at a very early age because of poverty and the parents' attitude towards the girl child. Therefore, forcing girls to face severe challenges and difficulties in the society at a very young age.

Rape: In many cases, young rape victims are left with unwanted pregnancies or diseases. As long as the rape statistics remain as high as they are and as long as the myths like sleeping with a virgin will cure HIV&AIDS persists, the number of rape victims will continue to increase, leaving an African girl child in vulnerable state.

Everyone would love to have a mother, wife, girlfriend and  a sister. Then why not help our girls the women who will help shape the future of the communities?

If Girls' potential is overlooked, their destiny perishes right in front of them, and the would be change they are likely to bring forth dies.

The girls have been overlooked for centuries. Their contribution in every our communities has either been limited or gone unrecognised leading to a stunt growth on women of tomorrow in comparison with boys, who have educational and training programmes designed and engineered for them. Girls are disadvantaged and the impression is they belong in the kitchen which is not true if given a chance.

JOBS: Some jobs are still believed to be for men

SPORTS: 90% of Sports personnel are men, hence less income for women and contribution to sporting activities.

EDUCATION: It is believed that boys must go to school, and girls remain home being groomed to be  future house wives leaving them more volunerable to segregation.

Bulawayo Girl Child tournament position 5-8 receiving their awards medals and sets of socks date 12/01/2017
Bulawayo Girl Child 2016 top tournament
                       SOCCER TOURNAMENT

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